Handcrafted Kokedama and Vases

Father-Daughter Owned. Locally Made. Crafted by Hand.

  • Kokedama

    Kokedama (kode-=moss; dama-=ball) is a work of bonsai art also known as Japanese Moss Balls. A unique presentation style of all types of house plants. These plants will capture the eye whether displayed on a table, or hanging from a wall.

    Our collection make great gifts for friends and family near and far. We hope you enjoy!

  • Kokedama Vases for Fresh Flowers

    Get to the look of a kokedama with the customizable option of fresh flowers. This re-usable vase allows you to change out flowers based to match the occasion, based on the season, or what just looked good at the store! 

  • Workshops

    We offer private and public workshops for groups to walk through the kokedama building process. All supplies are included. This is great for a group of friends / family or as a team building activity. 

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  • Events and Weddings

    Kokedama make beautiful centerpieces at events and weddings. We will work 1:1 with you to curate customized kokedama to fit within your budget and design

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  • Wholesale

    Partner with White Stable Farms to offer kokedama to your customers. They will for sure be a hit!

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