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Tower Grove Farmers Market (2/8 and 2/22) 

Fiddlehead Fern Cafe (Shaw Neighborhood) - All the time

Local Harvest Grocery Store (Shaw Neighborhood) - All the time

Garden District STL (sound Grand)- All the time

 Timberwinds Nursery - All the time

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White Stable Farms offers a unique selection of healthy Kodedama, pottery and other accessories for your home!

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Founded in 2019 by Chris Mower,  White Stable Farms offers products for both seasoned plant lovers and first time buyers. Our unique selection of Kokedama plants, not so perfect pottery and custom made terrariums will add character to your collection or make the perfect gift.  

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Shop from our collection or work with us to create the perfect addition to your home. 


Also known as Japanese Moss Balls, Kokedama captures the eye whether displayed on a table, or hanging from a wall or ceiling. Options are endless as they can be made using tropical plants, herbs, succulents or cactus.  

Not So Perfect Pottery

Functional planters for cactus and succulents. Made of cement, sand and peat moss, the planters come is a variety of sizes and shapes. Buy the pot and plant your own, or we can make one up for you. Keep outside in the summer and then bring in the winter to enjoy your creation year round.  A great gift for apartment and condo dwellers where space is limited. 

Planter Mix To Go

Tired of buying a cactus or succulent and then having to buy a large bag of potting soil, that rarely gets used, to plant it? We are happy to offer individual packets for purchase for succulents or cactus.

Terrarium and Terrarium Kits

Plant Maintenance

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We hope to hear from you! Please send us an email or better yet give us a call for more information or to make a purchase.